Our students benefit from weekly lessons at the local trampoline park and Leisure centre.

  • To develop skilful use of the body, the ability to remember, repeat and refine actions and to perform them with increasing control, co-ordination and fluency.

  • To develop an increasing ability to select, link and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas.

  • To improve observation skills and the ability to make simple judgement on their own and others work, and to use their observation and judgment to improve performance.

  • To develop and understanding of the effects of exercise on the body and on appreciation of the value of safe exercising.

  • Safe practise in Physical Education (2012 BAALPE)

  • Safety in Outdoor Education (LEA)

  • Safety aspects will be considered with the children prior to the task.

  • First aid equipment should be available (Medical Room) and staff should know what to do and who to call for assistance in the event of an accident (designated first aider). 

  • Inhalers for children suffering from asthma must be readily accessible and brought to lessons.

  • Any items considered a danger should be taken out of use immediately.

  • In order to minimise these risks all staff and children in PE lessons are required to take note of the following:

  1. All lessons are planned following a clear progression of developing skills and take into account the age, abilities and special needs of the class;

  2. Children should be made aware, understand and follow all safety requirements related to the use of specific equipment, appropriate clothing and the following of instructions when in a lesson.

  3. Children should be taught how to move and use apparatus safely under supervision of a teacher or responsible adult.

  4. Children should understand the safety risks involved in wearing inappropriate clothing, footwear or jewellery.

  5. Children should be made aware of safe practice when undertaking any PE activity (e.g. not running or jumping in front of others and stopping when asked)

  6. Teaching staff should ensure expect high standards of behaviour, performance and participation in all lessons.

  7. Teaching staff should follow the school’s behaviour plan at all times.

  8. Teaching staff should ensure equipment is safe and in a good condition and suitable to the needs and abilities of the children.

  9.  Any faulty equipment should be reported to the management who will then repair or replace the faulty equipment.

  10. Children should be made aware of the importance of dynamic stretching before physical activity and how to use the correct technique.

  11. Static stretching is not necessary for children.

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