In their music lessons pupils use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. Assemblies will also provide an opportunity to practise singing. Pupils will also be taught to play variety of instruments musically and encouraged to play together in ensemble groups.


  • All children will develop a culture of school singing, performing and appraising.

  • All children will develop a robust sense of music appreciation, listening and begin to make decisions about the instruments they would like to learn.

  • As a school we will develop a music language, of understanding genres, history of music and appreciate musicians and their discipline.

  • As a staff we will ensure that children develop a love for music and appreciate its ability to include children of all abilities.

  • As a school we will provide opportunities for children to listen to music, attended concerts, interact with practising musicians and school assemblies.

National Curriculum Music Programmes of Study:


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