Our teachers will ensure that mathematical skills are taught every day. Our pupils understand the importance of mathematics. Pupils are taught to recall mathematical knowledge fluently, to apply the skills learnt to problem solving and to use these skills mathematically. The activities cover a wide range of mathematical knowledge, many with an emphasis on practical work. We build on skills and understanding in a step by step way and continue to develop place value, the four number operations and the understanding of fractional parts. There are extra activities throughout the year to promote mathematical skills and thinking including participation in Enterprise Week, where mathematical skills are applied to everyday life.

Students have access to Mathletics an online learning space, it supports and caters to each student mathematical development. Students also have access to Timetable Rockstar an online programme to support students with mathematical skills more so timetables.

For more detailed information about the progression of skills taught in calculation, see the Numeracy Policy.

National Curriculum Mathematics Programmes of Study:

Curriculum Policy
Lower KS2 Curriculum
Upper KS2 Curriculum
KS3 & KS4 Curriculum
Literacy Programme