Welcome to the Manorway Academy, an independent special school for children. We offer a range of educational programmes for children that are not able to attend mainstream school.

Every child has the ability to achieve, with out support, teaching, and pastoral care we will endeaver to challenge the children and keep them focused on attaining their educational potential. We create a safe, harmonious environment  where every one is encouraged to value themselves and each other in an atmosphere of trust, tolerance and enjoyment. Through clear objectives, planned timetables and a range of stimulating activities, we believe that our children will succeed. 


Manorway Academy is an independent special school for children between the ages of 8-16 years old, Manorway Academy also offers tuition packages for children in key stage 1, who have difficulty maintaining a full time place at mainstream provisions, we are based in Rochester, Kent.


Some of our students have been permanently excluded from school or are at risk of permanent exclusion. We believe in reintegrating our children back into mainstream school and make every effort to do so.


We are aware that some students are not able to maintain a place in mainstream school, we therefore also offer an outreach program to students, which would consit of tuition within the community and mentoring.

About Manorway Academy School